Chairman’s Letter

The intense activity of FOMENTO TERRITORIAL and its associated companies over the past 30 years means it is now possible to address complex territorial issues from the point of view of restrictions and qualifications. The physical environment, the economy, politics, legal framework and a population with rights are crucial factors to our day to day operation.

It is not always ease to act in spaces that have always existed and which may have been marked for decades from decisions which have been taken in very short time frames. This is due to the transience of decision groups belonging to today’s global democracies.

Inter-institutional cooperation must be a protective shell that ensures the continuity of processes. A prior action to any step undertaken in basic amenities projects should be to:

  • Ensure regulatory and financial irreversibility to reach the private       sector involvement threshold in due time and with the proper guarantees.
  • Act in the territorial environment with greater flexibility and minimizing the margin for error.
  • Bring important global concepts and message providing territory amenities to the local world and to the daily life of citizens.

These are the daily challenges of our multidisciplinary teams, where development is blended with harmony and planning with action.

Elias Benatar


Operational Processes

Comprehensive PROJECT MANAGEMENT, from the initiation to the completion.


Establishment of detailed long-term operational programmes.

Operational Development Strategies

Definition of operational strategies for developing plans and programmes.


Regional and Sub-Regional Development Plans, Urban Restructuring Plans and more